file 01: Dr. Laura Edwards

Dear Colleagues,
I am reaching out to you again because of these weird and scary events happening right now in Lexington.
Yesterday I got new patients with the same symptoms: general signs of the average flu(!), but with muscle weakness, increasing sense of smell and disconcerted behaviour. It is now an epidemic.
You can find the detailed description in my previous e-mails.
Those infected earlier are still having this strange flu after 1 week with the same intensity – but they have started to show new symptoms too!
Those first patients have new problems now such as excess salivation, aggresion, insomnia, tingling and constant high fever.
Yesterday we had a physical incident in the local mall: a small group of diseased people attacked the customers in line at the apothecary.
I have just visited two of them. Their families had to tie them to their bed, because they totally lost self-control and became extremely dangerous.
Their status is critical – I have had to call the hospital for an emergency car.
I am afraid they have already infected their families and even the hospital crew.
Right now the waiting room is full of people who show the same early symptoms of this weird flu. It is spreading extremely aggressive.
Can it be some kind of a hybrid rabies?
It could be an explanation for the aggressiveness... But it usually takes weeks, even months for an infected victim to develop the symptoms of rabies!
Has anyone met this flu (??) in other cities? Or is it just Lexington? If this turns out to be a new and very aggressive hybrid virus, it is going to spread everywhere!
I have called the CDC... they will send a team tomorrow. Stay in touch everybody!

Dr. Laura Edwards, General Practitioner, Lexington. 11 days ago. Current status: missing

file 02: Martin Gracia Lopez

Hey Dude, it´s Martin again!

Look, we are leaving, man. The situation here at Glennwood Springs is totally out of control.
I had to shoot 3 people today. They were furious. We've heard if you get this new flu, you´re done, bro´. You will go totally nuts in a week! This is too much!
My neighbours got it. I know. I´ve seen them. They are sick. But I won´t shoot them, no way, they are good people! We are packing and leaving!
Lexington has been off the grid for days now, and our Glennwood Springs will be the next before the end of this week.
I´ve heard that the guys in Springfield have problems too. This whole area is doomed. I have to save my family! The police do its best, but they are too few!
Only the National Guard or some CDC unit can clean this mess!
We are heading to Canada with Sophia and the kids! Call me if you got this message!

Take care, bro´!

Martin Gracia Lopez, Bus driver, Glennwood Springs, 7 days ago. Current Status: in quarantine at Zone48, Canada.

file 03: Sgt. William Hawkings

This is Hawkings! Does anyone have some ammo left? I got nothing but my straightstick! We lost everything north of the Museum!
Save the people and then leave Glennwood Springs! Location for regroup: Springfield! I go back to the warehouse to get a schoolbus for the people.
Good luck everyone!

Sgt. William Hawkings, police officer, Glennwood Springs, 6 days ago. Current status: missing in action.

file 04: Anthony Snyder


I've tried to call you, but the lines are off. Hope you get this mail. Take the kids and prepare yourselves! I´ve sent a task force to our house. Call the neighbours too! You are leaving the town this evening!
I cannot take any more risk with you. Get to the safe zone; I´ll be follow you when this ... ends.
Don´t forget the gun in the shelf! And use it... if you have to! Protect our children!
Be safe, I love you! I love the kids, all of you!

Anthony Snyder, major, Springfield, 4 days ago. Current status: Springfield, leading the preparations for the evacuation.

file 05: Stephanie Myers

Okay this is it. This is the reason of this catastrophe! And I will show it tomorrow!
We have arrived to the Sycamore station. The situation here is shocking, it's totally out of control.
People come from everywhere! And many of them are sick! We should separate them and put them into quarantine, but the soldiers can´t handle the situation properly.
I´ve seen sick people let go through the corridor with their families, or healthy people follow their sick relatives into the quarantine zone! One guy has pointed a gun at the officer's face at the corridor and went back to find his family!
I know it is impossible to separate the sick from the rest of the crowd, but keeping them together helps the virus sneak through the border of the safe zone.
We are losing this battle and somebody must do something before it´s too late, and we lose not just a state but the whole country! Sooner or later an infected man will go crazy or the growlers will arrive, and then we will watch the panic and the killing from the first row!
So in few hours we go live here... turn your tv on, it´s gonna be big!

Stephanie Myers, news anchor, Sycamore Station, 3 days ago. Current status: Streaming the news from the Sycamore Station

file 06: Lt. Matthew Cunningham

Hey, just a short message! I´ve just come back from the patrol. It is a shame that we got just a dozen choppers for this job... Anyway: Springfield is under control... for now.
They will launch the evac in two days, maybe tomorrow. Hopefully it´s gonna end well. No more fuel left there, but the roads are blocked anyway. People must go on foot, I'm afraid. Glennwood Springs is abandoned, growlers on the streets, no sign of the people left behind.
It would be a suicide mission now to get into that town and look for survivors. I think some of the locals try to survive this hell at home... poor people.
I´ve seen some fire, but there is nobody to fight it. We cannot even control Lexington, that town is lost too.
On the way back I saw some cars on the road. All abandoned. Some of them could reach the main road to Sycamore Valley. If there are survivors, their only chance is the forest.
I wish good luck to them... I must go now to write my report. See you soon, sister!

Lt. Matthew Cunningham, Marine Corps, Sycamore Station, 2 days ago. Current Status: active.

file 07: Message corrupted

This is the Directorate for Disaster Management.
Due to the present situation the main communication lines are overwhelmed.
Many of the main communication hubs are out of function.
We cannot receive calls, including emergency calls.
Those in the disaster area were asked earlier this day to try to contact anyone outside the infected area.
If you or anyone you know get a call or message from the people in the disaster zone, please direct the survivors to the following stations:
People from Lexington, Greenwille, Glennwood Springs, Springfield: head to Sycamore Station through Sycamore Valley.
People from Madison, Bloomfield and Xa..
Connection lost.

Message corrupted.
Sent: yesterday